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 Mistress Ford in Merry Wives of Windsor 

Cincinnati Shakepeare Company


Twelfth Night, Cincinnati Shakepeare Company.


"...Abby Lee as Olivia. When we meet her, she cuts an elegant and regal countenance in her magnificent gown.. But when she meets Cesario, she begins a rapid and often hilarious devolution into a lovelorn ditz. Let’s hope we have a chance to see her again in future CSC productions". -David Lyman, The Enquirer

"Lee’s Olivia becomes ever more foolishly infatuated as the show progresses and then is delightfully befuddled, exclaiming “Most wonderful!” when Viola’s twin brother, the oh-so-male Sebastian (Patrick Earl Phillips), turns up and willingly responds to her advances". - Rick Pender, City Beat.

"Lee is perfectly cast as Olivia, a difficult role which she fills with both wit and winsomeness". - Sheldon Polonksy, League of Cincinnati Theatres


Church and State, by Jason Odell Williams

 "Abby Lee plays Whitmore’s boisterous wife, Sara, who used to manage his campaigns before his steady climb brought him to a possible imminent presidential run. Lee is a diamond. She has shone in every role I’ve seen her do, and her Sara Whitmore is worth the price of five tickets. Williams seems to have written the play for her, giving her many of his wittiest lines and developing her character more than the others. Sara is a God-revering, pro-gun, right-wing conservative, and she will surprise you". - Connie Shakalis, The Herald Times


Indecent, by Paula Vogel


"Lee and Spivak are wonderful, portraying women who fall in love both within the play and offstage. Under the direction of Martha Jacobs, their sublime affections bloom beautifully". -John Lyle Belden, Plays with John and Wendy


Abby plays Callie Gibson on Chicago P.D. 

(pictured with Brian Geraghty and Vincent Shuster)



Abby Lee is Lady Macbeth:

 "Abby Lee takes on one of Shakespeare’s most daunting characters and [is successful] in doing so. She mounts a performance that you can’t help but watch with your eyes wide open." -Matthew Waterman, Herald Times


Abby Lee is Henrick Ibsen's HEDDA GABLER

 "Abby Lee tackles the title role, known as one of the most daunting female roles in the canon of modern drama. Lee’s portrayal of Hedda brings out the character’s maniacal side, but not so much as to a fault. Lee’s performance is measured, gripping and gratifyingly atypical". -Matthew Waterman, Herald Times



Abby is co-starring in the short film YEAR FOR SILK, written and directed by James Sharpe.

Stay tunned for details. . .




The review's are in for WAIT UNTIL DARK!

"Abby Lee gave a fully dimensional performance as Susan, mixing elements of a loving but insecure wife, a strong woman trying to prove herself, and, of course, a petrified victim". - Jim Lowe, Times Argus

 Click HERE to read the review in its entirety. 



Abby will be playing Susan in Jeffrey Hatcher's area premiere adaptation of WAIT UNTIL DARK at Saint Michael's Playhouse. July 1 - 11. Click HERE for details.







Abby just returned from Saint Michael's Playhouse to rave reviews as Elizabeth in YOUNG FRANKESTEIN and Pamela in THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY.

FOX: "Still, the joy Wednesday was found in two wonderful — sometimes even droll — comic performances. Abby Lee’s rich comic abilities made Pamela, Bingham’s illicit lover, easily the most fascinating and funniest character on stage". - Jim Lowe, Vermont Today 

FRANKENSTEIN: "Abby Lee's Please Don't Touch Me [was a ] standout of the showstopper variety." -Rick Busciglio,










Abby is playing Kristine in August Strindberg's Miss Julie April 3rd at 7:30PM, and April 5th at 1PM & 7PM at the Baruch Performance Arts Center.

Directed by Jeff Mousseau.

For more info click HERE


Balls. . . . The Musical? made its Off-Broadway Debut to critical success! This is what Michael Mraz had to say about Abby's choreography in NYTHEATRE.COM:

"the true star of the show is the choreography and the re-imagined musical numbers. The choreography is perfectly styled; it hits all of the notes of typical Broadway dance-call style choreography, while never being too graceful. It always looks like 5 “dudes” dancing well, which amps up the humor of the sequences." 



Abby is playing Prudie in upcoming Pump Boys & Dinettes at The Laurie Beechman Theatre! Also starring Julie Foldesi, Erik Hayden, Scott Pearson, Justin Hosek and Devon Goffman! 

August 21, 22 & 28 at 7:00 O'clock

Click Here for tickets!

Yee haw!


Balls. . . . The Musical?, was accepted as part of this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)!! Along side the usual testosterone-laden suspects, Abby will be supplying those "boys with balls" more slick moves. 

Click Here to find out what's up with Balls


Abby is starring in The Rubber Room, a play. You can catch her performances on February 11th at 7:00pm, February 12th at 7:00pm, February 14th at 9:30pm, February 16th at 7:00pm and February 19th at 2:00pm. EXACT DATES AND TIMES ONLY!

For tickets, go to or call 212-868-4444


Abby is directing and choreographing, Balls... The Musical!?! Starring Mick Bonde, Brett Carr, Brandon James Ellis, Michael "Tuba" Mckinsey, and Nick Verina.

For ticket information, click here.


Abby has the distinct honor of standing in for the wonderful Carla Gugino in her new film, Mr. Popper's Penguins. The film also stars Jim Carrey and is directed by the great Mark Waters (hint: if you haven't seen The House of Yes, do so). 


Abby is teaching another acting course through The Broadway Workshop! For more information check out


Abby is starring in a new short film called SPEXY! In a nod to film noir, Abby plays a serial killer who, by kismet, falls in love with another serial killer and together they do what they do best; it's as dark a comedy can get. 


with actor Jason SchuchmanAbby also just closed the role of Nell Gwyn and Maria in a production of OR, by Liz Duffy Adams at Stageworks in Hudson, NY. Performances were June 16 - July 4. 

"Lee, with her mischievous smile and saucy, naughty, twinkling eyes is delightful. It is difficult not to be taken in by her performance... She is at one and the same time engagingly girlish and innocently boyish... [She gives] the work considerable lightheaded vitality as well as honest depth."

 Charles Kondek, Hudson-Catskill Newspaper

"Lee’s Gwynne, cross-dressed to look like a boy, is charming. Her freedom of movement and gesture is a delight, making Gwynne very much a living person and not a caricature. As Maria, she is heavy-duty comedy..."

J. Peter Burgman, Berkshire Bright Focus